Geert Tholen

• Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Reiki Ryoho, Jikiden Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho) [BE/NL/DE/FR/UK/JP]

• Mindfulness & Compassion trainer [BE/NL]

• Shiatsu-practitioner [BE] • Trainer in Energetic Meditation [BE/NL]

• Nature & Forest Therapy Guide [UK] • Various short and long-term training courses & workshops regarding energy work, consciousness & spirituality (Japanese Reiki Techniques [NL], Reiki & Medicine Intensive [DK], Muscle testing [NL], EFT Practitioner [ONL], Live The Connection [ONL], …)

When Reiki crossed my path over 12 years ago, my first experience was nothing short of life-changing. For the first time in my life I experienced a dimension with a depth I didn’t known existed until that moment; a state of pure consciousness, completely filled with compassion and oneness. Not for a brief moment, but for days on end…

The fact that such a seemingly simple practice could have such a profound effect, raised many questions for my analytical mind. At the same time, this experience ignited a fire that would lead to years of deepening in Reiki, both as a treatment method and as a spiritual practice. One thing I knew for sure: I wanted to share this with others. It still pleases me to see how Reiki brings people closer to themselves, and catalyses healing in the broadest sense of the word.

Tenchi Reiki is my personal approach to Reiki, based on years of training in various Reiki forms and related practices, extensive (treatment) experience and continuous further deepening through personal practice and teaching. I consider both aspects of Reiki – energetic healing / daily spiritual practice – as two sides of the same coin.

The uniqueness of the Japanese word Tenchi is in the fact that it has two meanings at the same time: “Heaven and Earth” and “Universe”. When I got to know the term Tenchi in Aikido years ago and delved into its underlying philosophy, it was “love at first sight”. This special word became the name for my practice and perfectly reflects what I want to offer.

Heaven (天 Ten) and Earth (地 Chi) can be seen as metaphors for the spiritual and material dimensions within ourselves. Our current world is inviting us to particularly (or even exclusively) live from the material dimension; from the dualistic viewpoint: the world of form. For many, this is the only reality.

Nevertheless, more and more people feel like something is missing, that this is not where the true sense of happiness, fulfillment and wholeness is to be found. The sense of lack we feel, is the longing for an essential, essential part of ourselves: the spiritual dimension within us – the pure, non-dual consciousness that is our true nature.

Universe (地 Tenchi) reflects the unification of Heaven and Earth within ourselves; the wholeness we experience when we simultaneously live from our spiritual essence and with our two feet firmly on the ground. Tenchi invites to live an inspired life;to live in such a way that everything we “do” is inpired from a deeper level of “being”.



Ten (天): Heaven

Chi (地): Earth

Tenchi (天地): Universe



Rei (靈): Spiritual, Soul, Divine

Ki (氣): Energy

The Japanese Mikao Usui Sensei (1865-1926) left us the Reiki method, a spiritual practice and energetic healing method.The practice helps us consciously connect with our spiritual energy the most refined energetic vibration in us – which is called Reiki.

The Reiki method combines mindfulness, energetic and meditative exercises, treating ourselves and others, spiritual initiation/attunement and a number of principles by which we can live. This gives us tools to consciously cultivate and embody our spiritual energy.

Reiki is primarily known as anenergetic healing method, in which Reiki’s energy is applied during a treatment for its soothing characteristics and asan answer to various physical, mental and emotional complaints.. Positive results make that Reiki is being increasingly used and researched as a complementary therapy, also in a medical contexts.

Furthermore, we find in Reiki a spiritual practice we can apply in every moment of our lives. A practice that reminds us of who we really are and of what it we really came here for in this lifetime.. Living from our spiritual essence organically generates an enormous compassion for ourselves and others. This is what makes Reiki tangible for our entire environment, for everyone we literally and figuratively “touch”..

Reiki is not tied to religion, can be practiced by everyone and can be perceived by everyone.

An experience of the world beyond the physical is something people rarely realize they are missing. Until they experience it, and it shifts their entire way of looking at the world.

Nancy Hausauer

An experience of the world beyond the physical is something people rarely realize they are missing. Until they experience it, and it shifts their entire way of looking at the world.

Nancy Hausauer