Reiki is used worldwide as a spiritual-energetic healing method. During a treatment, a space is created in which the energy of Reiki is clearly present. This happens through gentle touch, or even without touch. This energy reminds the client of his/her/their spiritual essence and the enormous self-healing capacity which he/she/they naturally possess(es). Although the underlying mechanism of Reiki cannot be fully scientifically explained yet, its effects can be clearly felt (and measured). Even people who are not that familiar with terms as energy and spirituality, experience Reiki as clearly observable and beneficial. Positive treatment results contribute to the growing application of and research into Reiki as a complementary therapy, also in a medical contexts.

Gentle but powerful.

Due to the subtle nature of its energy, Reiki is a gentle treatment method. As a practitioner, I place my hands gently on or above the body. I work primarily in the subtle energetic body, and to a lesser extent on the physical body. By intuitively placing the hands on locations that need it most, your overall energetic vibration is increased.

From the core.

Working in the energetic body has the advantage that it influences all layers of the recipient’s body: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is becaus the energetic body forms the bridge between all these layers. A particular symptom that manifests in one of these layers does not necessarily have its origin in that particular layer. Because Reiki increases the overall energetic frequency, its energy works at the level where it is needed most. This way, healing does not take place superficially, but originates from the core.

Awaken your healing potential.

A Reiki treatment creates an ideal healing space that allows your self-healing abilities to do their work. The effects of a treatment are therefore always personal and often differ per treatment. Even though as a practitioner I have no influence on what the outcome will be, the results of a treatment can regularly be called exceptional. When the self-healing potential within you awakens, the possibilities for healing – in the broadest sense of the word – are enormous.

Uncover your soul.

Reiki has enormous potential to transform complaints and symptoms. Nevertheless,experiencing wholeness is not necessarily the same as being 100% symptom-free, fortunately. It rather has to do with how you relate to what is manifesting in your life. The sense of wholeness emerges from connection with your deeper Self, your spiritual essence. Experiencing that you are not merely a material being, but also and especially a Soul – a spiritual consciousness – brings about an enormous feeling of liberation and recognizing truth. This is the true potential of Reiki and the true source of healing: realizing who you truly are and relating to everything you experience from a greater consciousness.

In-person or at a distance (online).

As Reiki operates on the subtle energetic level, a treatment can be done with or without physical contact between the practitioner and recipient. An advantage of an in-person treatment is the additional layer of physical touch. An advantage of a distant treatment is that you can enjoy its beneficial effects while being in your familiar environment, anywhere in the world. One is not better than the other, each has its own unqiue potential. The fact that there is no physical contact during a distant treatment, does not in any way limit the experiences you may have during a treatment. Distant treatments take place via online video call.

What can you experience?

Every form of healing emerges from you as a client. Reiki stimulates the self-healing abilities that you naturally possess. That is why every Reiki experience is different and always very personal. Your body and mind know best where and in which way healing is needed: consciously or unconsciously, on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. By creating extra space for our self-healing capacities, Reiki supports us in staying healthy and can provide relief from (chronic) ailments, illness and pain. How the effects of a Reiki treatment will manifest in you cannot be determined in advance, but can be felt afterwards. Hence the importance of experiencing Reiki yourself and feeling in what specifc ways it helps you.

Commonly observed effects of Reiki are:


  • A general feeling of wellbeing and balance;

  • Pain relief and improvement of acute and chronic ailments (e.g. injuries, asthma, headache, stomach ache, migraine, etc.);

  • Reduction of side effects of medications;

  • Strengthening of the immune system and improved blood pressure values;

  • Improved sleep.


  • A feeling of deep relaxation and calm;

  • Mental and emotional clarity;

  • Support in releasing blockages (e.g. a conscious or unconscious feeling of being ‘stuck’);

  • A boost of your creativity.


  • A sense of clear awareness;

  • A sense of coming home, of feeling who you are deep inside;

  • Clarity in “your path”, in that which is yours to do in this lifetime;

  • Heightened intuition;

  • More compassion for yourself and others.

Important to know.

  • Reiki is not a substitute for a consultation or treatment by a doctor or other healthcare provider.

  • There are no contraindications for Reiki. Everyone – young to old – can receive a Reiki treatment.

  • Although this is certainly not the case for everyone, you may experience detoxification reactions up to a few days after your treatment (short-term increase in symptoms, flu-like feeling, need to use the toilet more often, need for extra rest, …). This is completely normal and positive. Be sure to drink plenty of water after your treatment and be attentive to what your body and mind need. Taking it easy after your treatment will further enhance its effects.

  • Reiki works through clothing so there is no need to take anything off, except your shoes. Comfortable, non-constricting clothing is desirable.

  • The practice space in Oudsbergen is located on the first floor. If it’s not possible for you to use stairs, it’s best to book an appointment at the practice space in Hasselt.

  • The stated treatment duration is the total time of the session, including pre- or post-treatment talks.

  • Does illness keep you from making it to your appointment? Please let us know prior to your appointment so that we can move it to a later time.

  • Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours before the appointment. After that, the treatment will be charged.

  • You can pay cash or with Payconiq.

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

Maya Angelou

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

Maya Angelou