Reiki is being applied worldwide as an energy healing method. By stimulating our self-healing capacities, Reiki has a profound effect on all levels of our being. During a treatment, you can enjoy its healing and awakening energy in a peaceful setting.


Choosing to take a Reiki course goes beyond learning to treat yourself and/or others with this special, healing energy. Those who want to, will find in Reiki a practice to embody this energy in everyday life, so they can be a source of healing and compassion for everyone around them.

Practice group

Practicing Reiki together with others keeps our practice alive and can take it to a different level. During a practice group you get the opportunity to practice, exchange treatments and to have your Reiki initiation / attunement reaffirmed.

Tenchi 天地

means both ‘Heaven 天 and Earth 地’, and ‘Universe 天地’.

Heaven (天 Ten) and Earth (地 Chi) respectively reflect the spiritual dimension and the material dimension. Universe (天地 Tenchi) reflects the unification of Heaven and Earth: the wholeness which we experience by simultaneously living from our spiritual essence and with our two feet firmly on the ground. In that way we “un-cover”who we really are and we enrich our experience with healing and compassionate qualities.

Reiki 靈氣

is a Japanese spiritual practice and energetic healing method.

Reiki (Rei 靈 = Spiritual/Soul/Divine, Ki 氣 = Energy) is the energetic vibration of our spiritual essence. Consciously connecting with this energy – during a treatment or through self-practice – increases our level of awareness and gives space to our natural self-healing capacities. In this way, Reiki is simultaneously a gentle but powerful healing method and a reminder of who we deeply are.

Reiki is offering us a path to unite Heaven and Earth, thus embodying what Tenchi stands for.
I look forward to meeting you on this path.

Geert Tholen

I am the Universe.
The Universe is me.

Mikao Usui – Founder of the Reiki method

I am the Universe.
The Universe is me.

Mikao Usui – Founder of the Reiki method