Welcome to Tenchi – Energetic Practice.

The word Tenchi both Heaven (Ten) and Earth (Chi), and Universe (Tenchi).
This one word therefore stands for unity (Universe) as well as for duality (Heaven and Earth).

To experience unity (balance, flow) in our life, it’s important to find (create) the right equilibrium between the aspects of Heaven and Earth within ourselves.
This is what Tenchi stands for: (re)connection of Heaven and Earth; experiencing the unity that was/is in fact always present.
Unity both in our “personal” universe, and with the universe around us.

This means healing on all levels of our lives: where we often initially start with a search for physical/mental/emotional healing, gradually something can also unfold on a spiritual level: a feeling of being “at home”, experiencing inner peace, remembering our true nature, experiencing the larger whole.

Tenchi offers various individual treatments and workshops/courses that can support you on your way to healing and unity:

Individual treatments:
Shiatsu (Reikiatsu)

Workshops and courses:
Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing)
Energetic meditation

Thank you very much for your visit, I look forward to meeting you for an individual treatment or workshop/course.

Geert Tholen