Welcome to Tenchi – Get to know Reiki and Shiatsu, relax and feel better!

I offer Reiki and Shiatsu treatments, for both relaxation and health promotion purposes.

Reiki and Shiatsu are natural treatments originating from Japan. Both have their own way to achieve the same result:

  • In the first place, a treatment brings deep relaxation which makes it ideal to release stress.
  • Next to that, Reiki and Shiatsu bring balance in your body and mind. By doing this, your body and mind get the opportunity to get to self-healing. Health problems can diminish or be resolved.

I’m inviting you to read more about the different treatment methods on their respective pages. My Blog page keeps you up-to-date about Tenchi and gives you access to inspiring quotes, images, texts and more.

Enjoy your visit, and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Please note: the website is currently in translation. You can always contact me in English via e-mail (info(at)tenchi.com) or phone (+32(0)495/74.89.02) for information or appointments.


Thanks for your visit.

Geert Tholen