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This Cookie policy applies to the website If you agree to the use of cookies as described in this Cookie policy, cookies will be installed on your computer or mobile device. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, no cookies will be installed for which your consent is legally required. You are obliged to accept functionally necessary cookies in order to use the website.

Tenchi Reiki uses cookies as part of its policy on privacy protection and processing of personal data. Please read the Privacy policy for more information about this policy and for an overview of your rights in this regard. In the Terms and Conditions you will find a description of the conditions under which you are to use this website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that a website server stores permanently or temporarily on your computer or mobile device via your browser. Cookies contain a unique code that allows us to recognize your browser during your visit (a so-called ‘session cookie’) or when you visit or use the website at a later time (a so-called ‘permanent’ cookie).

With cookies we can simplify, complete and personalize the use of the website. Tenchi Reiki may also use similar tags and trackers that use your device’s storage capacity in a different way. These are also referred to as “cookies” in this Cookie policy.

Types of cookies

We distinguish two types of cookies: First party cookies: these are cookies that we place and manage on the website ourselves. Third-party cookies: These are cookies placed on our website by third parties and managed by them. These may be social media cookies (for example YouTube plug-in) or cookies from advertisers, through which certain data is sent to this party during your visit to our website.

The Tenchi Reiki website uses different types of cookies:

Necessary cookies:

These cookies are necessary to enable you to navigate the website and use its features. This allows you, for example, to navigate between different parts of the website or to fill in forms. Without these cookies, the main functionalities of the website will not work properly. No consent is required to use these cookies and they cannot be disabled.

Functional cookies:

Functional cookies facilitate and improve navigation on the website and allow us to offer a more personalized user experience. This includes cookies that store your language preferences, but also cookies that remember whether you have already downloaded certain documents, so that you do not receive the same document every time.

Performance and statistical cookies:

These cookies are used to optimize the performance and quality of the website by collecting information about its use. The types of information collected are error pages and load times, as well as statistical information that helps us understand what content is most valued by our visitors and why.

Advertising cookies

While you use the website, cookies may be placed on your device by third parties, such as related companies or advertising companies with which Tenchi Reiki collaborates, or to collect information about other website visits. The advertising-related cookies are used to show relevant and personalized advertisements, to limit the number of times advertisements are shown or to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Even if you have not given permission for this type of cookie, advertisements will still be shown. However, they do not take into account your likely interests and may therefore be less relevant to you as a user of the website.

Managing cookies

We do not need your consent to use necessary cookies. However, Tenchi Reiki does need your permission to store and use other cookies. You can use your browser settings to refuse the installation of such cookies. You can also delete previously installed cookies from your device at any time. Please note that deleting all cookies, including necessary cookies, will reduce the functionality of the website.

Changes to the Cookie policy

Tenchi Reiki reserves the right to change this Cookie policy at any time, if our services or applicable law so require. If the Cookie policy has been changed, we will ask you to agree to the use of cookies again or to not agree to the use of cookies. This Cookie policy was last updated on October 11, 2023.

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